Mission Statement:
The members of Patchwork: A Storytelling Guild are dedicated to promoting awareness of storytelling as a vibrant contemporary art form, a folk tradition, a way of celebrating life, a tool for personal and social transformation, and as a path for spiritual exploration.

In 1982, a group of professional storytellers and librarians rallied to combat the decline of storytelling due, in part, to growing trends toward the use of multimedia and technology and dedicated themselves to the survival of the art form by providing training, performance, and education opportunities, along with encouragement and an open forum for storytellers and audiences. 

​Patchwork: A Storytelling Guild incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1984.  Patchwork’s primary purpose is the promotion of storytelling and the exchange of information and ideas through educational activities and performances.

Patchwork encourages people to tell and listen to stories through the following forums:

  • Sponsoring workshops and retreats for novices and professional tellers
  • Producing storytelling performances in the Greater Philadelphia area
  • Sponsoring a website and a Calendar of Events to promote storytelling
  • Patchwork members are involved in the following activities:
  • Passing on oral history from one generation to another
  • Gathering and sharing stories that reflect cultural identities
  • Developing storytelling as a contemporary art form
  • Using storytelling as a tool for personal growth and spiritual exploration
  • Receiving coaching feedback from peers on artistic development
  • Attending informal story swaps with other members of the community

President: Denise McCormack

Treasurer: Ingrid Bohn

Funding Sources:

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation:
The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation celebrates, promotes the wealth and diversity of the region’s resources and works to increase access to the arts and culture of the region and the world. Funded programs encourage the creation of new works of art, promote relationships within the performing arts community, build new audiences, and advocate for the arts in education.

National Storytelling Network Grants Program:
The National Storytelling Network manages a grant program through which NSN individual and affiliate members may apply for funding to develop new projects. Support is available for the development of individual work, collaborative projects, for community-based storytelling programs or for scholarly research.

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts:
The mission of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts is to foster the excellence, diversity, and vitality of the arts in Pennsylvania and to broaden the availability and appreciation of those arts throughout the state. It offers several different types of grant opportunities. These include grants for individual artists and their Artists in Education program.

PA Council On The Arts Artist In Education
Its Arts in Education (AIE) Division recognizes the power of the arts, and is committed to nurturing it in schools and community settings. AIE provides funding for arts-in-education residencies, maintains the Pennsylvania Directory of Artists In Education, and offers professional development opportunities to artists and educators.

Pennsylvania Humanities Council:
The Pennsylvania Humanities Council (PHC) inspires individuals to enjoy and share a life of learning enriched by human experience across time and around the world. The PHC integrates the humanities into everyday life through partnerships with cultural institutions and community organizations.