Garden State Storytelling
The league was founded in 1982. Membership in the league is open to adults who are storytellers or are interested in the art of storytelling. Monthly meetings, workshops, and story swaps.

Jewish Storytelling
To tell or hear a Jewish story is to hear the magic of dreams, to find a new understanding of the Jewish heritage, to grow spiritually. We meet for story swaps and present Tellebration events and others.

Keepers of the Culture, Inc.:
Philadelphia’s Afrocentric Storytelling Guild is an educational, cultural art organization which seeks to perpetuate the African and African American oral tradition.

LANES (League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling):
A regional membership organization for the six New England states and upstate New York. Sponsors the annual Sharing The Fire Storytelling conference in late March and publishes the Museletter.

Lehigh Valley Storytelling
A co-op of area storytellers who support each other and forward the art of storytelling. We are involved with local arts festivals and produce a quarterly radio program on WDIY (an NPR station.)

The National Association of Black 
The National Association of Black Storytellers promotes and perpetuates the art of Black storytelling – an art form which embodies the history, heritage, and culture of African Americans. A nationally organization, NABS preserves and passes on the folklore, legends, myths, fables, and mores of Africans and their descendants and ancestors.

The National Storytellers
The National Storytelliers League encourages the appreciation of the good and the beautiful, in life and in literature, through the art of storytelling.

The National Storytelling
The National Storytelling Network is dedicated to advancing the art of storytelling – as a performing art, teaching aid, and cultural transformation process. It offers direct services, publications and educational opportunities to individuals, guilds, and associations. NSN sponsors the National Storytelling Conference in cooperation with local or regional members at a different location each year.
Voices seeks to promote storytelling and listening in the Washington Metropolitan area. We hold monthly swaps at members’ houses, a yearly festival with workshops and concerts, and guild meetings on the craft and business of storytelling.

Washington Storytellers
WST presents two or more performances for adults each month and offer workshops and classes.