Ingrid Bohn 

Ingrid has been entertaining people through story and song for over 40 years. Encouraged by family and friends, Mrs. Bohn embarked on a career as an Interactive Theater and Storytelling performance artist. She is a proud member of the Lehigh Valley and Patchwork Storytelling Guilds. Her repertoire includes traditional folktales, fairy tales and literary stories. Her animated delivery and style will capture your attention and keep you highly entertained. More information is on her website: Contact her at 215-541-1429 or e-mail

Jackie Jonas 

Jackie Jonas .... Jackie is a professional storyteller, teacher and actress.She began her storytelling career as a member of the Tennessee Griot Society. Since then she has performed in churches, synagogues, on stage and at private functions. As part of the Griot Society she served as an artist in residence for the Memphis public schools. Her repertoire includes original material as well as traditional tales from Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States.  To e-mail Jackie:

Dennis Strain

Dennis Strain.... a storyteller for more than twenty years. His storytelling journey began in Harrisburg and has moved with him to Philadelphia, the place where he recently retired. He focuses on Irish myths and traditional tales and teaches Storytelling For Beginners. Visit his website at can be reached at

Judy England-McCarthy

​Judy England McCarthy.... a member of Lehigh Valley and Patchwork Storytelling Guilds and a board member of the NJ Storytelling Network, has been telling stories her whole life. She became a professional teller in 2009 and workshop facilitator since the late 1990's.At the National Storytelling Conference in 2013 she performed one of her original tales. Her stories are filled with elements of humor, and magically unfold to share with the listener life's truths.Relive the Wild West; learn how tortoise got his shell. Audiences both young and old will be entertained with her joyful telling. Contact her at 908-862-3335 or e-mail Visit her webpage at

Susannah Brody

​Susannah Brody.... A retired learning support teacher, Susannah Brody is a storyteller and author. She earned a Masters of Arts in Oral Traditions from The Graduate Institute of Connecticut. She has researched, written and shared stories about local history in southeastern Pennsylvania and has developed living history portrayals of some important nineteenth century women. She shares folk tales, tall tales, local history and contemporary stories with audiences of all ages. For more information, visit her website:

Denise McCormack

​Denise McCormack offers storytelling for all ages and stages - private to corporate. Enjoy the ambiance and allure of stories with purpose. Each program is customized for any occasion where you want your guests to engage, participate, and connect. Programs are thematic, times vary, and workshops are available. Connect with Denise at or magicwords101 because the right words can do magic.  Truly, there is a story for every time and purpose under heaven.  Workshops and residencies are also available.

Raymond Gray

Raymond Gray has worked professionally as a storyteller for more than forty years. For the first thirty-five years he traveled the mid-Atlantic states telling stories to more than a million school children. For the past five years he has focused his energies on stories for the last third of life. His one-person performance, Imagining The World of Carl Jung, has been performed from London England to Boulder, Colorado. Presently he is collecting stories of numinosity and sharing them on his blog at 


Verileah Teets

Verileah Teets.... Verileah is a former teacher and counselor in the Philadelphia Pulblic Schools. She has been writing and performing stories,poems, and music for a number of years. Verileah has shared her work in churches, schools, coffee houses, parties, and storytelling events such as the New Jersey Stoorytelling Festival at the Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, N.J. Her recently published book, Rainstorm, an amusing story about cats, has been enjoyed by people of all ages.  Call 215-394-5199 or e-mail her at

Barbara Baumgartner

​Barbara Baumgartner... A founding member of Patchwork: A Storytelling Guild, Barbara holds a Ph.D in Storytelling and Education from Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio. She has taught graduate courses in Children's Literature and in Storytelling; and she occasionally leads teacher workshops on storytelling. Barbara tells folktales from world cultures to children (pre-K through Grade 4), using sonorous chants and repeated motions to develop children's listening and narrative skills. To e-mailBarbara:

Jessica Dimuzio, VMD

​Dr. Dimuzio is an award winning children's author, storyteller, and veterinary conservation educator. Dedicated to wildlife preservation, Dr. D loves to get kids of all ages (six to adult) excited about animals and their natural habitats through her writing, "too true" storytelling, classroom talks and nature walks. Her program, Animal Tales, takes audiences around the world, with true stories from her experiences interacting with other cultures and studying animals in the wild. She engages participants through suspense and humor. Dr. D provides these programs through Nature Tales and Trails and as a member of Patchwork. Learn more at or call 610-272-3874.

Ray Tackett

Ray Tackett is a former commercial pilot, world traveler, and Vietnam 
veteran.  As Chief Pilot of his Piston Engine Story Machine, Ray uses 
more than fifty years of performing experience to take people on 
journeys to which everyone with their own life experiences can relate.

Vernyce Dannells

​Vernyce Dannells is a performance teller, poet and singer. During her years in Hawaii, she was the one who opened Honolulu's famed Talk Story Festival. She's delighted that her move to Philadelphia has meant participation in Patchwork: A Storytelling Guild. You may have encountered her during Chestnut Hill's Ghost Walk - she's the one who makes the babies cry and the adults jump!

Oni Lasana
Oni Lasana is a dynamic, multidisciplinary, international Performing and Teaching Artist, Poet, and Storyteller. She specializes in the story prose of Paul Laurence Dunbar. Oni offers engaging and highly interactive storyteling programs for children and adults. As an Historical Re-enactor, she brings to life Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman and Poet Frances Watkins Harper.
Oni can be heard in the award winning audio book "Hip Hop Speaks To Children" and her Brother Dunbar Performance Workshop is published in "Literacy Development in The Storytelling Classroom." She can also be seen on The Paul Laurence Dunbar Definitive DVD Collection.
For more information, visit her website: 

Michele Belluomini

Michele Belluomini  has been telling stories to children and adults for the last 15 years. She has performed in schools, libraries, and museums, as well as at universities in the Philadelphia area. Michele presented a solo performances on the "Fringe" stage at the 2006 National Storytelling Conference in Pittsburgh and in the 2012 at the National Storytelling Conference in Cincinnati.  She has performed in a number of Patchwork Tellebration festivals, the New Jersey Storytelling festival, and the Lehigh Valley Storytelling festival. She can lead workshops for children and adults, and is available for storytelling performances.  Call 215-232-6855 or e-mail her at

Tom Egan 

Tom, a native of Providence, RI, tells Irish fairy and mythology stories as well as stories that celebrate the humorous boyhood characters and events that occurred in the 1950's in Providence's Roger Williams housing project. He has performed at senior centers, grade and high schools, Godfrey Daniels Coffee House, Tellabrations, and other storytelling venues. Contact him at 610-360-1701 or at.

Note that our Patchwork Teller Members are listed in alphabetical order.  Each teller is unique in his/her style, selection of tales, and professional offerings.